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"Rafael" wishes you a Happy Valentine!

Sometimes people's lives are intertwined most mysterious ways. Within one day, the world is experiencing a series of acquaintances that forever bind hearts and create hundreds of new romantic stories. Valentine's Day - this is the day when the heart wants happiness and romance and find it, when making new sincerity and mutual relationships, men make an offers to their women, when the whole world is immersed in the atmosphere of a fairy tale and love! Therefore, Valentine's Day, take a dip into the magical atmosphere of happiness and you!

Our team wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is like playing the piano.
First, you must learn to
the game,
then you must forget the
rules and play from your heart.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Love and be loved! And let next to you will always be dear to your heart people!

February 14 at the hotel-restaurant complex "Rafael"

Valentine's Day couples looking for a place where you can spend a pleasant and unique evening. Each trifle around should help create a romantic mood. This place and these conditions will give you a hotel-restaurant complex "Rafael"! We invite all concerned for a romantic dinner! Choosing our complex for the celebration of this event, you will receive a lot of positive emotions, welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, entertainment and lots of surprises and pleasant memories. We organize this event at the highest level and make every effort so that all the guests were happy and smiling, and nothing will stop you from being together and tell each other "I love you!" with all the warmth and tenderness!

The staff of the hotel-restaurant complex "Rafael" will do everything to ensure that the romance did not end in the evening!