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Wedding night in the hotel restaurant "Raphael"

There is an ancient sign - the wedding night the couple should spend together. It is believed that the future of the intimate life of a young couple depends on what will be the first wedding night. Do you want your relationship to be happiness and harmony prevailed, make yourself and your loved one a memorable holiday, because with that night begins your life together! So for one of the most romantic evenings You should choose a romantic and pleasant atmosphere. Hotel-restaurant "Raphael" - this is what you need!

Give yourself a first married night away from the excitement of the city and prying eyes!

First of all You should decide where spend a romantic tete-a-tete. If after the wedding, you need to go back to the parents apartments, you'd better look for something else. For example, remove a hotel room.

So if you are looking for unique, romantic place for your wedding night, check our hotel-restaurant complex "Raphael", here everyone can find incredible deals for yourself! Just imagine: spacious room, delicious food, surprises and gifts, you together... And, as our complex is located outside the city, you have a great opportunity to be away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the romance.

Fresh flowers, candles, a bottle of red wine or champagne - these are some pleasant things that await on the newlyweds. A wedding night among exceptionally beautiful interiors and our decorations will be a great addition to the most important day in the life of a young couple. All additional services are available for you, with other questions and suggestions please contact us, we will arrange all the best!
The big plus also is the fact that You can celebrate their wedding and tired and sending guests home, you will not have far to travel.

So feel free to contact us. We are confident about the choice you will not regret!

Hotel-restaurant "Raphael" - a great choice for any festive event!